Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Go for it!

When we kicked off our formal servant evangelism in the summer of 2010, we over had 80 distinct people that served in at least 1 of 5  church wide-servant servant evangelism events!  This did not include all the servant evangelism events through our various small groups. It is so exciting to see people in our local Body of Christ engaging with our community.

Summer provides one of the best times to get out and share the love of Christ with people in our community, but there is no shortage of ideas for the other season as well!  If you or your small group are interested in sponsoring a formal servant evangelism event, and you would like to invite others at Springbrook to participate, register your event today using the link below.

Small group leaders: when you are completing your weekly report, please be sure to share any projects your group is working on by clicking the "When is your next Service Project" link.

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For more information, or to share your story, please contact Pastor Richard Wollard at (224) 569-3300 x213 or by email at

For a list of servant evangelism ideas for your group, check out our SE Partner Page.